I Will Have to Voluntarily Leave the House – Frodd Tells Angel After Biggie Announced the Arrival Of His Baby Girl

Newest father and BBNaija All-stars housemate, Frodd, couldn’t hold back his tears when Biggie dropped the bombshell about the birth of his little one with his partner, Pharmacist Chioma.

The news of the baby’s arrival, a darling girl called Elena, went viral on social media on Friday, triggering wild celebrations among supporters.

Frodd and his wife revealed their pregnancy shortly before he joined the reality show.

Following the housemates’ spectacular failure in this week’s wager, Biggie invited Frodd into the diary room and delivered the good news to him.

A couple of minutes later, Frodd emerged with misty eyes and spilled the beans to Seyi, with Angel sliding into the mix. However, he decided to keep Angel in the dark for the moment.

Angel, spotting Frodd’s tearful state, inquired about the cause behind his emotional breakdown, He confided in her, revealing his intention to exit the house.

Angel pressed for an explanation, and he assured her that he would divulge the details at a more opportune moment. Sensing his need for privacy, she questioned if he desired solitude, then exited the room, leaving him to his thoughts. Shortly thereafter, Frodd knelt down in a moment of prayer.

This is coming a few days after Frodd, in a dairy session with Biggie, shed tears as he said he wouldn’t be there to welcome his first child.

Fans and followers of the reality star have since taken to social media to congratulate him and his wife.

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