Pere labels Venita as the house’s most useless individual

Pere Egbi, a former Hollywood actor and participant in the show, boldly asserts that his fellow housemate, Venita Akpofure, is deemed the ‘most useless human being’ within the confines of the house.

This declaration comes in the midst of a heated exchange between Pere and Venita regarding their wager task.

In a gathering that includes Ceec, Ike, and Frodd, Pere candidly expresses that Venita’s presence has been a source of annoyance to everyone in the house, even her cousin Neo.

In his words, “Venita is the most useless human being to step foot in this house. No sense, no maturity, nothing.”

While the other housemates neither confirmed nor disputed his statement, Pere continues to vent his frustration.

Watch the video below…


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