BBN: CeeC Reveals What Ilebaye Was About To Do With Cross In The Bathroom That Made Her Stop Them

Earlier today CeeC was seen having a conversation with Ike and Venita in the garden and during this moment she revealed what Ilebaye was about to do with cross in the bathroom that made her stop them. She went on to say that she was insulted by Ilebaye because she stopped her.

According to CeeC, she saw Ilebaye about to bathe with cross and she was already naked in the bathroom. However, she said that she did not feel it was right for them to bathe together since Cross looked drunk and so she stopped them before Cross may do what he will regret later. Ilebaye felt annoyed by this interference and lashed out on CeeC, calling her a babysitter which got her angry.


She said, “I saw Ilebaye about to bathe with Cross and they were already naked. I felt like Cross was drunk because he came to ask me to bathe with him first. He was acting strange. So I stopped them from bathing together because I feel like that’s what a friend will do for me when I’m drunk, but Ilebaye called me a babysitter”.

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