“We Need Men To Hold Us And Watch Our Backs, S€x Toys Can’t Satisfy Us” Blessing CEO To Women



Popular Nigerian social media relationship and mental health expert, Blessing CEO, has used her video on Facebook to give women relationship advice on what they need in relationships that only men can provide. She took to her Facebook page to share the post, where she made it known that women need men to hold them and watch their backs, saying that s€x toys cannot satisfy their s€xual needs.



She disclosed that when she was younger, she used to believe that love is very simple, just like she sees in movies, but that when she grew up and became an adult, she later realized that love has complicated parts as well. She advised women to unlearn and go back to the drawing board in order to reorganize their lives to get the most out of their relationships.



In the statement she made in the video, she said, “We need men to hold us and watch our backs, s€x toys can’t satisfy us. When I was younger, I used to believe that love is very easy, like what we see in movies, but growing up as an adult, I got to realize that there are also complications attached to it. Ladies, you have to unlearn and go back to the drawing board so that you can reorganize yourself to get what you deserve in your relationships.”



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