‘People Close to You Will Try to Take Your Joy’- Pregnant Serena Williams Posts Cryptic Message

Even legends like Serena Williamssometimes doubt themselves. As a matter of fact, having a set of supportive people does not ensure that one will have a smooth ride, because sometimes even they can slip. Serena Williams, since her younger days, has time and again been criticized for having a muscular build. Now, that she is pregnant and is naturally gaining weight with an adorable baby bump, things have been bothering her.

However, as usual, Williams listens to herself at the end of the day. With an empowering message, she put an end to all her self-doubts and asked her followers to do the same.

Serena Williams sends an empowering message about body image 

The 23-time Grand Slam champion has heard it all. From her aggressive gameplay to her physique, people criticized her for everything. So, eventually, she learned to listen to herself in the end.

Williams is pregnant yet again and  her baby bump is growing. She even flaunted her baby bump in an orange jumpsuit via her Instagram story. However, Williams seems to be going through a tough time after a loved one commented on her body.

She uploaded pictures of her rocking a beautiful flowery crop top and a white skirt with heels. She stated, “Being confident is not always easy. Not even for me! Especially taking pics and being pregnant!” She disclosed a sad state of affairs but ended on an empowering note. Williams stated, “Sometimes people close to you will try to take your joy- but it’s important to remember who you are and never be afraid to shine.” 

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