Obi Didn’t Go To Northern States To Campaign, He Only Went To Where They Have Christians -Isaac Fayose

Issac Fayose, the brother to former Ekiti State governor Peter Ayodele Fayose, has alleged that the Labour Party LP presidential candidate Peter Obi didn’t go to northern states to campaign during the 2023 presidential campaign.

As posted by media personality, Tunde Ednut, in a video, Isaac Fayose said my people perish because they lack knowledge to live this world and they don’t want to know, many are coming online by this time to say they stole their mandate, which mandate, did Peter Obi told you he won this last election, Peter Obi was talking about the regularities in some states, but didn’t say he won the election, he said.



Isaac alleged that the constitution is clear, you must get 25% in 24 states, he alleged that Peter Obi got just 16. He also alleged that Obi didn’t go to northern states to campaign, he only went to where they have Christains. So Peter Obi went to just a few states in the north which are dominated by Christians.

He added that Peter Obi didn’t go round the northern states, so how can he get 25% from 24 states to win the election? He also urged everyone to allow the court to decide, he added. What are your thoughts on this? Drop what you think about what Isaac Fayose said.

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