Buhari Says Overconfidence, Bad Tactics Made PDP Lose In Presidential Election


On Thursday, President Buhari remarked that a mix of excessive confidence, complacency, and poor strategic decisions led to the opposition’s defeat in the presidential election held on February 25th.

According to the Vanguard, the President noted that while the ruling APC was actively striving to maintain its position in the recent elections, the opposition coalition was plagued by excessive self-assurance.


At his State House residence, President Buhari addressed the Progressive Governors Forum led by Governor Abubakar Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State. The President expressed that their opposition had boasted to their foreign supporters that they would defeat the APC.


However, the party’s confidence blended with caution led to their hard-earned victory. President Buhari further noted that the opposition’s overconfidence is now causing problems for them as they struggle to explain to their external supporters why they were unable to defeat the APC.

“Their loss was a result of a combination of overconfidence, complacency, and bad tactical moves. This created further problems within their camp. It’s plain and clear why they failed to remove us from power,” stated President Buhari in response to a concern raised by Governor Bagudu, the leader of the Forum.


The President went on to congratulate Asiwaju on his victory, emphasizing that the opposition had garnered false hope and external support, leading them to believe that they would win. President Buhari expressed disbelief at their misjudgment, questioning how anyone could be more wrong.


The President urged the Progressive Governors to maintain unity and address their concerns with transparency. “It’s important to keep solving problems and dare to discuss them openly amongst yourselves.


This is the best way to survive politically in Nigeria,” stated the President. He further recommended that the governors have a program for regular meetings to discuss issues and strategize on how to maintain the party’s presence nationwide.

President Buhari discussed his retirement plans in detail, mentioning that he intends to spend six months at home in Daura before eventually relocating to Kaduna. He expressed gratitude to Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State for the infrastructure he has provided.


This will improve his retirement and the lives of the state’s inhabitants. The President also acknowledged the similar efforts made by the Governor of Kano in this regard.


The Chairman, Atiku Bagudu, stated that the purpose of their visit was to extend Eid al-Fitr greetings to the President and express gratitude for his leadership of the Party and the nation.


This marked their first meeting with the president since the elections, and they congratulated him on the party’s success in the presidential elections. “Congratulations on your party’s victory in the Presidency, a majority in the Senate, and being the leading party in the House of Representatives.


We couldn’t have achieved these successes without your support,” they said. “You will be remembered favorably in history.


Your leadership has been celebrated worldwide, especially given the turbulence in the region and developing nations. Our hard work was the key to our victory, as you have always encouraged us to do. We are incredibly grateful for everything,” he added.

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