I Can’t Give Full Details On Those That Will Be Chosen As My Cabinet Member When I Take Over—Tinubu

In a recent interview with TVC News, Bola Ahmed Tinubu admitted that he is unsure about the current makeup of his administration, adding that he is yet to consult with stakeholders and cannot give full details on who will be chosen as his cabinet members. He also alleged that opposition parties are jealous of his return to Nigeria and that he is as healthy as ever.


In order to effectively manage government, Tinubu highlighted that he would work with the populace. He asked everyone to maintain their attention on the task at hand and to stop viewing a particular day as being especially important. Despite the fact that he did not provide any specifics, the public has reacted to and made assumptions about his statement.

His remarks have garnered media and public attention as they are interested in learning more about his plans and strategies given that he is anticipated to run for president in 2023. The implication from Tinubu’s statement is that he is not yet prepared to share his plans and that he will first confer with relevant parties before making any choices.

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