Oshiomhole Emerges as Front-Runner for Senate President in 10th National Assembly


Keen observers of the political landscape were taken by surprise when Oshiomhole, a former APC national chairman, two-term governor of Edo State, and ex-National President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), entered the race for Senate President in the National Assembly. Questions arose about his chances as a first-time senator, but his supporters remained optimistic, citing the absence of any specific rule stating that only ranking senators could hold the position.

Some of Oshiomhole’s campaigners believed that his long-standing relationship and partnership with Asiwaju Tinubu, a prominent political figure, would make him a more favorable choice for Senate President in Tinubu’s eyes. They believed that Oshiomhole would not disrupt Tinubu’s presidential aspirations.

Tinubu was known for leveraging his influence to achieve his goals, and since the preference for ranking senators for principal offices was a matter of tradition rather than law, the president-elect might push for Oshiomhole as Senate President. This could be seen as a way for the president-elect to assert his victory over obstacles he faced, even from within his own party, during the election campaign.

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