‘You Have Touched The Tiger’s Tail’, Melaye Replies Wike

Channels Television reported on its official Twitter handle that former senator Dino Melaye had responded to a statement made by Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike with the retort, “You have touched the tiger’s tail.” The statement was made in response to Wike’s criticism of Melaye’s recent defection from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC).



The phrase “You have touched the tiger’s tail” is an idiomatic expression that means someone has provoked a powerful or dangerous adversary, and they will face the consequences of their actions. In this context, it appears that Melaye is suggesting that Wike’s criticism of his defection to the APC has provoked a response that will not be favorable to the governor.

This exchange between Melaye and Wike highlights the political tensions that can arise from defections between political parties. Melaye’s move from the PDP to the APC is significant because the PDP is currently in power, and the APC is the main opposition party. It is not uncommon for politicians to switch parties in Nigeria, but defections can lead to accusations of opportunism and betrayal.

Governor Wike’s criticism of Melaye’s defection suggests that he views it as a betrayal of the PDP and its supporters. Wike is known for his outspokenness and his strong opinions, and his criticism of Melaye is not surprising given the context.

Melaye’s response to Wike’s criticism is also telling. By using the phrase “You have touched the tiger’s tail,” he is implying that Wike’s criticism will have consequences. It remains to be seen what those consequences will be, but it is clear that Melaye is not taking Wike’s comments lightly.

This exchange between Melaye and Wike is just one example of the political tensions that can arise in Nigeria’s political landscape. The country’s political parties are often divided along ethnic and religious lines, and defections can exacerbate these divisions. As Nigeria prepares for its next general election in 2023, it is likely that we will see more political maneuvering and defections, and the tensions between political parties and their supporters will remain a key issue.

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