If The OBIdient Know What Transpired, They’ll Know That They’re Acting Out Of Ignorance—Lamidi Apapa



Amid controversies regarding the Chairmanship of the Labour Party, Lamidi Apapa has come out to say that the OBIdients have no reason to talk against his position as the acting Chairman of Labour Party because they have no idea of really transpired.

Speaking in a recent interview with Channels Television, Lamidi Apapa asserted that he has no personal issue with Julius Abure. However, he also added that since the court has ruled that Abure should not be the chairman of Labour Party then Abure should vacate such office.

Quoting his statement, he said this, “When a court has ruled that Abure should not parade himself any longer as the national chairman of that party, right from that moment he ceases to be the chairman of that party. That is the postion of the law. As a person, I have no problem with him”.

“I dont believe that some members of the OBIdeints are not happy with me. I think they are on my side. The Obidients are also Nigerians. Everyone has freedom to say whatever he likes without investigating what really transpired but if the Obidients really know what transpired, they will know that they are acting out of Ignorance”.

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