Pretty ladies eat in expensive restaurant, wait for who to pay

"We go wash plates": Pretty ladies eat in expensive restaurant, wait for who to pay

A video showing a bunch of young womentreating themselves well at a restaurant has made rounds online.

The beautiful ladies in the video shared by @1bigfeli7, stepped out to have a girls time.

After dining at the restaurant, they pulled a game of who would pay, by placing their phones on a tray for the waitress to pick.

The owner of the gadget picked, would be the one to pay the bills completely.

Tensed about what her choice could do, the waitress took her time to select well.

A lady at the edge of the table had wished her cell was not picked, but despite her wish, her phone was picked.

The young lady placed her hands on her head as the waitress picked up her gadget.

Her friends could be seen in the video, pointing at her while laughing, clearly enjoying their time out.

Watch the video clip below: 

Read some of the reactions below:

@Globaby said: “I no fit play this game if not all of us go wash plates together.” 

@Berrybaby said: “Rule number one: have rich friends.” 

@y’all meet Toria: “Somebody repeat after me..I will never be broke in my life.” 

@Aderonke Salau said: “I saw her praying before d waitress picked her phone.” 

@Annabel_18 said: “Na my own we go use do video.” 

@Kekeli said: “Na so God go pick you and bless you among many.” 

@Onyebuchii said: “Me wey no get shishi for account dem con pick me wahala go dey we go wash plate.” 

@Fati_oiza said: “If they pick my phone, na insufficient funds go save me.” 

@:crown:Sefakor said” “If there’s an android please pick it oo na them be the cashier.” 

@princessfeargod1 said: “If I do this challenge and the waitress choose my phone we go end up washing plates that place o.” 

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