Nina marks son’s 4th birthday, recounts his delivery challenges

Reality star, Nina Ivy, celebrates her son’s birthday as she shares difficulties with his birth and how he was diagnosed to never walk again.

The ex-BBN housemate made a lengthy post via her Instagram account, sharing a couple of videos and photos from his birth up until his current age.

According to Nina, when she gave birth to him, she remained in a coma for two weeks, with a 50/50 chance of survival while her son was also in the Neonatal intensive care unit for four months, struggling to remain alive.

She explained how she gave birth on her own during the lockdown period after being diagnosed with covid-19.

Nina celebrates son’s 4th birthday despite challenges during his delivery
Nina Ivy and her son, Denzel at eight months.

Despite being told by the doctor that her son would not talk, she refused to accept it and prayed over the situation.

Thankfully, her son survived and is living and growing healthily.

In her words;

“Big 4, Happy birthday Denzel, my baby ,the one after my heart ❤️.
I finally have the Courage to tell your story, to give people hope.
On this day 4 years ago you came into this world at 6 months, (27 weeks),weighed only 2 pounds,
I was in coma for 2 weeks following your birth feeding through a pipe coz I wasn’t awake so I was surviving on fluids, they told my family that I might not make it out Alive and my chances of survival was 50/50 , Denzel was in the Nicu fighting for his life and stayed in the Nicu for 4 months, I was on ECMO life support machine and VENTILATOR (2 life support machines fighting for my life ).
2 weeks later, I miraculously got up from coma, they told me my son was Alive, I couldn’t believe it, I had Denzel at home and I had him all by myself before 911 emergency arrived I was already out of life Cos I contacted Covid and as a pregnant woman I was high risk, but Mercy said No.
Doctor said Denzel won’t be able to walk meaning my son would be a crippled child, I said “my Son will Walk coz I believe the report of the lord who made heaven and earth”. look At Denzel today, a strong, smart boy ready to conquer the world. I give God the glory for keeping us alive to see this day.
Be nice and kind to people always because you don’t know what they are going through.”

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