“I Jumped Into A River In The Midnight So That Nobody Will Be Able To Rescue Me” Ijoba Lande Says



Yoruba movie actor and comedian, Ijoba Lande, has revealed in a new video how he jumped into a river after he went missing for four days. In a video that was shared by his colleague Olayiwola Moroof, the comedian made it known that he had to jump into a river in the middle of the night so that nobody would rescue him.



One of his family members was the one recording the video and questioned him while he decided to go missing for several days. He responded to the woman, saying that the problems he is currently facing are the reason he decided to go missing. He was seen shedding tears in the video, just like he did when he was brought back home.


In the statement he made in the video, he said, “It was 8 p.m. when I got to the area, so I waited until 12 p.m. so that people would not notice me.” I jumped into the river at midnight so that nobody would be able to rescue me. “I’m not stupid, and I’m an adult, but the problems I’m facing made me take the decision to go missing.”



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