‘He knows how to cook Xavi’: Madrid fans react to Nagelsmann links after unexpected Bayern exit

'He knows how to cook Xavi': Madrid fans react to Nagelsmann links after unexpected Bayern exit

Julian Nagelsmann has been fired by Bayern Munich mid-season. This puts him on the list of candidates to take charge at Real Madrid if Carlo Ancelotti is sacked at the end of the season, Relevo (4 stars) report.

The Madrid fans are mostly excited by the links, although some are worried about Nagelsmann’s youth.

CorleoneRMA (Twitter): “If we get someone else, I need the whole board to resign.”

jnr_bhourquaye (Twitter): “Hear me out, he knows how to cook Xavi and his haram ball tactics. He might not be bad after all.” (Nagelsmann has 3 straight wins against Xavi’s Barca)

Ortiz_IX (Twitter): “Real Madrid is not a place for Julian tbh. The demand for results precedes anything and Julian is a coach that likes to build and experiment. If he comes to Madrid, he will feel the heat from day one.”

Omza61763605 (Twitter): “He ticks a lot of boxes for me, he’s a tactician and he knows how to introduce youngsters to 1st team football, I hope we could get him and let Raul or Alvaro assist him.”

date_mike077 (Twitter): “Don’t let his sacking put him out of our list. He just does not work at the moment with players older than him in the squad. Same thing happened in Bayern.”

XavsFutbol (Twitter): “Julian Nagelsmann would be the best choice to replace Ancelotti if the board was willing to have a coach that is allowed to further build a team and is backed in his philosophy. At Madrid however, you only get to work with the tools you are provided.”

jcperez_ (Twitter): “1-2 years ago, I thought Nagelsmann was too rigid to fit at Real Madrid. I’ve changed opinion lately because his Bayern experience made him think more about how to adapt to his players.”

As a reminder, Nagelsmann is just 35 years old. However, he’s been a head coach at the top level since 2016 so we cannot say that he lacks experience.

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