Fans React as Kaka Posts Family Photo Celebrating His 42nd Birthday

The celebrated Brazilian retired footballer, Kaka marked his 42nd birthday with a family photo shared on his official handle on X, sparking varied reactions among fans.


Much of the buzz centered around the identity of the woman in the picture, with some mistaking her for Kaka’s ex-wife, Caroline Celico.

However, the woman in the photo is actually Carolina Dias, whom Kaka got engaged to in 2019.

The confusion highlights the enduring interest in Kaka’s personal life, particularly given his high-profile relationships in the past.

Caroline Celico, with whom Kaka shares children, remains a figure of fascination among fans.

Nevertheless, Kaka’s current partner, Carolina Dias, has been by his side since their engagement and continues to be a significant presence in his life.

As Kaka’s birthday post garnered attention and reactions online, it offered a glimpse into the retired footballer’s personal sphere, showcasing his happiness and familial bonds with Carolina Dias and his loved ones.

See some of the reactions below:

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