Women Can’t Have Male Besties Without Pant-shifting – Blessing CEO

According to her, it is impossible for women to have male besties without s3xual relations. She used the ‘dog and bone’ parable to buttress the impossibility of such an alliance.  She warned guys whose girlfriends had males as bestie to be cautious, insisting there was lots of ‘pant-shifting’ going on behind them.

“Is it possible to actually have a male bestie? Like as a woman, you have a bestie that is a male. Unto say you get dog, you give am bone, you say make e no chop am? Bestie!” she said laughing sarcastically.

She continued: “If you’re a man and your girlfriend has a male bestie, you need to be very careful. There is nothing like bestie. In fact, male bestie is that man that is not bold enough to ask the girl out.

“When you leave the both of them together, there’ll be lots of pant-shifting. In fact, bestie even has more powers than you the boyfriend. Because what does it mean to be a bestie? “A bestie is that person that knows her very well.

They’ve lived together, they eat together. They share everything together. Everything is in common but most times, they feel like, ‘Okay, I have brother zoned this person so I may not…but trust me, male besties are threats to relationships.
“So, if you have that girlfriend that has this, my bestie! My bestie! My bestie!! My brother, there’s a shifting of pants somewhere. You cannot give a dog bone and it will not crack it. I said let me let you know o! Because a lot of these young girls are beginning to use this male bestie to trick a lot of you” she added.

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