As A Woman, You Must Be Good In Bed Because S€x Can Hold A Man Down – Blessing CEO

There are certain situations whereby men request for certain values that a woman can offer in marriage apart from s€x. These men boast that sexual pleasure is not enough to keep them happy in a relationship or marriage and this puts a lot of pressure on women who know that they don’t have much to offer in a relationship.



Relationship counselor, Blessing CEO has stated that s€x can hold a man down in a relationship or marriage. She advised women to be good in bed because it glues herself and her husband together. She also criticized men who ask women what they can offer to the relationship as she stated that such men do not know what they want.



Blessing CEO in a video she posted on Instagram said;

”A lot of men say that it’s not about the s€x for them and that it can’t keep them. They claim that they want a woman who can bring something to the table. Women, let me give you an advise. Many men are confused and they don’t know what they want.


S€x is one of the most vital thing in a relationship that glues a man and a woman and that’s why the Bible said it should be left for married people. As a woman, you must be good in bed because s€x can hold a man down.

The fact that a man married you doesn’t mean that he loves you. A lot of men married you because they can use and control you. The real women they love are the ones they are having s€x with.”

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