I Was Once Afflicted With Pain On My Neck, My Pastor Prayed But It Refused To Go Away” Destiny Etiko



Popular Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko, has revealed how she was badly afflicted with pain on her neck, which turned out to be spiritual. She made this known in a video where she disclosed that she was once afflicted with pain on her neck, saying that even when her pastor prayed for her, the pain refused to go.


She made it known that after her pastor and her mother’s pastor prayed for her and the pain refused to go, her mother told her to come, saying that she could not even move her neck. She stated that she had to call somebody else to come and drive her to meet her mother. She said that during that period, she still managed to do some jobs, and some people think she is fine and nothing is wrong with her.



In the statement she made in the video, she said, “I was once afflicted with pain on my neck; my pastor prayed, but it refused to go.” My mother’s pastor prayed for me, but the pain refused to go away, and she called me to come and meet her. When I drove to one point, I had to call someone to come and drive me because I could not move my neck around. “So because I was a strong person and I was still taking a few jobs, people think I’m fine and that nothing is wrong with me.”



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