Femi Fani-Kayode describes Dino Melaye as an ugly, fat, uncouth, barbaric creature



Though heavily pregnant for Ibn Dubai, the big, crass, ugly, uncouth, ignorant, vulgar, monstrous, narcisstic, crude, froggish, ill-formed & ill-bred “let out gorilla” won NO votes for its baby-papa in its village jungle. Frustrated & broken-hearted it is now on suicide watch.

Please forgive and pray for it because the beast started dying incrementally after it served its heart and buttocks to a demon. Sadly it is now what can best be described as “walking dead”. It is sick in body, spirit and soul and, like a hungry vulture, the Angel of Death stalks it.

It’s arse has been stretched beyond recognition and redemption and it now wears diapers. The creature is ugly, fat, uncouth, barbaric, worthless, shameless, smells foul and heavily pregnant. Worse still, it does nothing but speak shit and spew rubbish. Someone needs to put it in its cage, send it back to its tiny village jungle, abort its pregnancy and clean and sew up its dirty and overstretched rectum. That’s the least that can be done for the pitiful creature. He needs deliverance. Without that Sheol & Hades await him.

Help the beast, give it a hug, whisper some kind, loving and tender words in its ears and remind it that all is not lost and there is still life after defeat and death.

I say this because the poor soul really has been through so much and the devastating loss that its boss suffered in the presidential election has clearly pushed him over the edge. Even beasts deserve to be pitied after suffering so much. I will remember it in my prayers.


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