Destiny Etiko Narrates How She Got Healed From A Spiritual Attack In January, 2023

Nigerian actress, Destiny Etiko recently took to her Instagram account to narrate how she got healed from spiritual attack that affected her neck in January 2023. She explained that even after different pastors prayed for her nothing happened.

According to the video, the 33 year old actress said that she woke up one morning on the 3rd week of January 2023 and she had a severe pain in her neck that did not allow her to work, she went for a check up in a hospital and after all the tests, the doctors could not find anything and the neck pain was getting worse.

She said that she then began to suspect that it was a spiritual attack from a colleague, because there was a lot of jealousy in the movie industry. She called her pastor and he prayed for her, she even travelled to Enugu and her mother took her to a pastor that prayed fro her but it still continued. Her friend took her to a different pastor and the pain still did not go.


Destiny Etiko said that she had to travel back to Asaba, where was staying and one evening she woke up around 7 and joined an online prayer session. As she was praying she began to notice that the pain slowly began to and she began to scream for joy and people began to wonder what was wrong with her. And that was how she was completely healed.

You can watch the video below.


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