How The People I’ve Once Helped Beat Up Me And My Sister Mercilessly – Portable Cries Out

Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has taken to his social media page to cry out after he and his sister were beaten up by his friends over an undisclosed issue.

In a video the controversial singer posted on his page. He narrated that the people who did this to them are people he had once helped in the past, but they forgot all that and still took the violence route with them.

According to the singer, he was not the one who actually had issues with these people, but his sister. He explained that they were trying to cheat his family in some way, and this resulted in them beating her sister. He was only trying to protect his sister. He came all the way from Gambia to shield his sister when they attacked him too. 

The singer showed the injuries he sustained as a result of this. He had wounds on his neck, his arm. His head was also plastered. He said he was attacked with a cutlass.



The singer mentioned that among the people who attacked him was a man who he helped cover all his expenses when his wife gave birth. Among them is also a person he bought a bike for to make a living, yet they ganged up against him and his sister and beat them up.

The singer also posted a picture of his sister who was hospitalized as a result of the incident saying that he would come for those who did that to her.


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