” Young Man Who Invented Electric Toothbrush That Uses Wi-Fi ” Turned Into A Laughing Stock.

An elevated toothbrush innovation by a wannabe entrepreneur became viral on Twitter.

Online people reacted when they learned that one artificial toothbrush used Wi-Fi and was photographed using it.

People talked about his creation in the Twitter post’s comments because they were interested in how it worked.

On Twitter, a wonderful invention by one individual created waves. The person who created the electronic toothbrush left many in awe.


People talked about how his innovation was superior to the computerized toothbrush. When they noticed that the toothbrush had bells and whistles, people reacted.


A man claimed to have invented a wi-Fi toothbrush in a tweet. The inventor, Dom Delwa, posed for a photo with his working prototype, which was made using a remote control, a TV aerial, a hammer, and other attached parts. The image below shows:

People on the internet enjoy seeing other individuals’s inventiveness, yet many people questioned the post. Some people suggested that the man’s concept need to be safeguarded.










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