Kwara: The Nigerian state where whoever wins never loses presidential election

As Nigerians await the commencement of the presidential election results announcement by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), pundits are paying attention to results from Kwara state in Northcentral Nigeria.

In the last three presidential elections, the candidate that won in Kwara state end up emerging as Nigeria’s president.

There are 1,695,927 registered voters, 2887 polling units, and 16 local government areas in the state.

In 2011 when PDP polled 268,243, CPC 83,603 and ACN 52,432, Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP went on the win the election.


In 2015, APC polled 302,146 (68.66%) of votes to win in the state while PDP polled 132,602 (30.13%), Buhari was elected president after four attempts.


In 2019 when APC polled 308,984 votes, while PDP polled 138,984 votes, Muhammadu Buhari won the election.

The total number of registered voters in the state is far lower when compared to Kano’s 5.9 million voters, but the state has maintained a record with a voting pattern that determines who becomes Nigeria’s president every election season.

The Chairman of INEC Prof Mahmood Yakub said announcement of results will commence at 6 pm, it is left to be seen if the state will maintain its record of determining who becomes Nigeria’s president through its voting pattern.

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