#BBTitans: Ebubu and Tsatsii (The Royals) Dresses like High school students as This week Tails Of The House punishment(Video)

After nominations on Monday Evening and a sad loss in the games, The previous Head Of House are now the current Tails Of The House.

In keeping with the “Back to school” theme, Biggie dished out a heavy punishment for the Royals, providing them with school uniforms and  backpacks that they must wear for the duration of their punishment.

Biggie has given them two set of school uniforms. They are not allowed to wear the same uniform on subsequent days, meaning they will have to wash them everyday.

The Royals were also instructed to carry their Backpacks wherever they go. This includes, Bathroom stops, shower session and bedtime rest.

Biggie then added a twist to the Punishment by saying that all housemates will participate, sending them to the ‘Naughty corner’. An instruction Ebubu and Tsatsii must obey.

As the head of house, Nelisa was given the the responsibility to create a daily roster, detailing which pairs will send the Royals to the Naughty corner.

Housemates found Biggie’s punishment hilarious but welcomed the responsibility that came with it, jokingly dishing out the naughty corner order.

The Royals immediately puts on their school uniform and were ready for the class act. Tsatsii showed off her short skirt and heels but Ebubu wasn’t impressed and did not seemed overjoyed with the Punishment.

Watch the video below:

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