#BBTitans: I Can Never Agree To Be A Side Chick Like Blue Aiva. I Would Rather Be Single – Nana


Nana, Olivia and Yvonne were seen gossiping about fellow housemate, Blue Aiva. Their discussion was centered around Blue Aiva’s love triangle. Recall, Blue Aiva was in a love triangle with Khosi. The two ladies were in love with the same man which is no other person than Yemi Cregz.

Blue Aiva used to be romantically linked with Yemi Cregz until they broke up and decided to keep their relationship cordial. According to the dynamics of her relationship with Yemi Cregz, many in the house saw her as Yemi Cregz’s side chick.

Most times, Yemi Cregz spends the entire day with Khosi and sneaks out every night to see Blue Aiva secretly. This got the housemates talking and reacting.

While discussing with Yvonne and Olivia, Nana said she can never agree to be a side chick like the way Blue Aiva accepted to be Yemi Cregz’s side chick. She said she would rather be single than be someone’s side chick.

Nana: I can never agree to be a side chic like Blue Aiva. I’d rather be single

Yvonne: When i want to form for a guy outside he’d be like “is it not this one that used to be side chic on TV”


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