#BBTitans: Ipeleng Is A Clean Blood And She’s Mindful Of What She Drinks -Ebubu Says [Video]

Ebubu, Yvonne, Olivia and Juicy Jay were conversing and they were literally talking about Ipeleng. According to Olivia, she said that Ipeleng hasn’t tasted red wine before and Ebubu said he believes Ipeleng. He also said that she’s a clean blood because she’s careful of what she eats and drinks.



Yvonne also agreed with Ebubu and she said that Ipeleng can literally donate blood to people because she has a clean blood. Olivia said that she admires Ipeleng body features and she’s beautiful as well. Olivia went further to say that Ipeleng is beautiful but she probably wants someone to tell her that.


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