Lady gifts boyfriend $650 money cake, 50 liters fuel, and others for Valentine

Young lady expresses love to her boyfriend with loads of gifts including $650 money cake, 50 liters fuel, and many others in the spirit of Valentine.

A surprise factory on Instagram shared the contents of a giftbox prepared for a young man by his girlfriend. The lady in question showered her man with the token of appreciation prior to February 14th which is lover’s day.

Sharing the photos, the vendor wrote, “Girlfriend of the year !!!!
Valentines gift came in early for him 😍🥹❤️ this love choke 🥹
I’m happy for them 😡😡😡😡😡😡_”

While listing out the contents of the giftbox, the vendor wrote;

“50 liters of fuel
650 dollars
Customized Robe
Shade 👓
Perfume set
2 helium balloons
Cross bag
Valentines card”


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