9 Celebrities And The Strangest Things They’re Allergic To

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They say money can’t buy happiness and to some people, celebrities are who they think contribute to the falseness of that statement. From the outside, it seems like fame would make anyone happy: appearing on red carpets, luxurious vacationing and worldwide recognition. So perhaps, happiness— or at least, the tangibility of it— would be expected to come easier when you’re in the limelight of Hollywood.

But no matter how much money a person makes, there are certain things that can’t be bought. Not even protection from the universal disturbance that is allergies. Whether you live in Hollywood Hills or a shoebox of an apartment, allergies don’t discriminate when it comes to who they choose. Here’s a look a some celebrities who, no matter how famous, can’t outrun these specific allergies.

9 Margot Robbie’s Headaches Changed Breakfast Sandwiches Forever

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Actress Margot Robbie discovered that she had a very specific allergy while filming for Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. In the movie, a notable scene depicts Harley Quinn eating an egg sandwich and— after filming Robbie noticed a series of unbearably killer headaches would follow.

The actress discovered that the culprit behind the headaches were in fact, the eggs she was ingesting while filming—but not just any eggs. Robbie now realizes that she is allergic to chicken egg whites and found relief on-set when the chicken eggs were switched out for duck eggs instead.

8 Ariana Grande’s Italian Quarter Life Crisis

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Singer Ariana Grande was disappointed when she discovered a rare allergy that developed in 2019. Grande was forced to reschedule two of her shows in Florida while on tour because of what, at first, seemed like a random illness.

Grande took to Instagram the next day to inform her fans that what she experienced was a horrible reaction to tomatoes writing, “i had an unfortunate allergic reaction to tomatoes and my throat pretty much closed. still feels like i’m swallowing a cactus but slowly making progress!”. The singer continued writing, “p.s. there is NOTHING MORE UNFAIR THAN AN ITALIAN WOMAN DEVELOPING AN ALLERGY TO TOMATOES IN HER MID TWENTIES…….”.

7 Joshua Jackson Should Skip The Skippy Peanut Butter

Joshua Jackson300

The Mighty Ducks actor Joshua Jackson was skating on thin ice in 2011 after having a severe allergic reaction. Jackson was reportedly hospitalized at a Santa Monica hospital for what he had thought was an asthma attack.

TMZ caught up the actor’s rep who told them, “Josh had an allergic reaction (not asthma attack)” … and added, “[He] is perfectly fine.” Although the cause of Jackson’s allergic reaction had not been clarified, it has long been suspected that it was caused by his severe allergy to peanuts.

6 Kerry Washington Never Leaves The House Unprepared

The list of foods that Scandal star Kerry Washington is allergic to seems to be so long, she must always carry an EpiPen, just in case she has a reaction, according to eonline.com.

“Most people do not know about this but I carry an EpiPen with me almost everywhere I go because I have a lot of food allergies, like fatal food allergies, that if I eat these things, I could wind up dying in an emergency room somewhere,” Washington said.

“So I always have an EpiPen. It’s not sexy, but I’m being honest, I have an EpiPen in my bag,” she continued.

5 Beyoncé’s Kryptonite Revealed In Certain Aromas

Beyonce in her latest campaign for Tiffany's
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Despite endorsing a collection of fragrances, singer Beyoncé Knowles is not a woman who can stand in a room full of various scents. Knowles is highly allergic to several kinds of fragrances and is known to have reactions to them if not careful.

It would make sense as to why the singer—who is known to endorse many fragrances— only endorses scents that are chemically altered. If not altered, the singer could face an allergic reaction.

4 Justin Bieber Has To Check The Label From Now On

Justin Bieber looking serious against a wall in an image from his Instagram account
Via: Instagram, @JustinBieber

In 2019, pop star Justin Bieber found out that he had an allergy that would forever change his life. The singer took to social media, where he shared a photo on his Instagram story of pale ale beer from Omission Brewing. Fans realized from his caption on the photo that it was connected to a puzzling diagnosis.

“Worst news ever I’m officially allergic to gluten,” Bieber said, “No more Coronas unless they make gluten-free beer like this!”

3 Mark Wahlberg Had Too Many Allergies To List

Actor Mark Wahlberg was in for a surprise when he visited the doctor’s office and got his results from an allergy scratch test. The test, which involves taking a variety of allergens and putting them on the skin, determines what the patient is allergic to. The actor did not pinpoint what exactly he was allergic to when sharing a photo on Instagram—but perhaps it’s because he found out he was, in fact, allergic to most of what he was tested for.

“It only took 49 years to realize I’m allergic to almost everything,” Wahlberg captioned the shot.

2 Lady Gaga Doesn’t Let Allergies Get To Her Head

Lady Gaga in Denim Jacket
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Pop star Lady Gaga, known for her eccentric style, has donned a variety of different hairstyles over the years—most of them made possible by wigs. Fans might be surprised to know that the reason behind her array of different wigs is quite practical and, also, for safety measures.

Gaga actually wears wigs because it’s easier— and safer—than dyeing her hair since the singer is allergic to ammonia, an ingredient present in most hair dye products.

via Instagram @hilaryduff/Yahoo News

Actress Hilary Duff learned the hard way earlier this month that she needs to tread carefully when sampling creatures of the sea. The How I Met Your Father star took to her Instagram story to share a photo of herself after her allergic reaction had settled in. Duff sported a swollen set of lips that came as a result of ingesting shellfish.

Duff captioned the photo, “‘Scallop allergy confirmed. Really hoping it’s not ALL shellfish. I really thought my lip might explode.’”

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