Shakira hired a detective to follow Pique and discovered he was cheating with Clara Chia

The year 2022 was full of cheating and heartbreak, but the most talked about of all was the romance between Shakira and Gerard Pique.

After learning that the ex-footballer had cheated on the singer with another woman, many details are emerging week after week about how Shakira discovered this infidelity.

Both Shakira and Pique have taken advantage of the embarrassing situation to cash in. The singer has released her latest track with Bizarrap in which she compares Pique’s new girlfriend to a Casio and a Twingo, while the former Barcelona player mocked the comparisons.

Now it has been revealed that Shakira has reportedly used a detective to find out about her ex’s infidelity.

Pique’s affair: evidence in the fridge and private detectives
As the presenters of ‘Cuatro al Dia’ have told us, last March Shakira received a call from her then partner, Gerard Pique, while she was in the United States filming a programme.

He asked Shakira for space, something that raised her suspicions.

“It was then that the Colombian woman took advantage of this situation to enlist the services of a detective,” explained the television programme.

The result was photographs of Pique with the then-unknown Clara Chia, which Shakira tried to solve by asking Sasha and Milan’s father to go to couple’s therapy.

This proposal did not seem to please Pique, who rejected it outright and decided to move into a flat on his own.

As the months went by he asked to return to the house where he had lived with Shakira, but it didn’t work out, as in June they finally broke up and the rest is history.


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