#BBTitans: That’s Not How To Smoke – Ebubu Says As He Teaches Jaypee How To Smoke [Video]

Big Brother provided all the necessary things for the Titans including cigarettes. Yesterday, Ebubu was busy smoking one before Jaypee came to join him. She collected the cigarette from him and Ebubu asked her if she can smoke and she said yes.


Before she inhaled the smoke, she asked Ebubu if it was tobacco and he said yes. She dragged it and Ebubu initially laughed at her and he told her not to waste his cigarette because that’s not how to smoke, but she refused and dragged another one. The way Jaypee held the cigarette wowed Ebubu probably because she told him she’s a nurse yet she knows how to smoke.

Click here to watch the video clip.



Some housemates are complaining about the way Kanaga and his partner are treating them as the head of house, not knowing that his aim was to keep the house neat and tidy. On the other hand, housemates especially Khosi and her partner believes that Blue Aiva isn’t performing her duty well as the head of house, rather she’s flirting with Yemi.

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