“I Have Three Kids”: Devastated by $12,700,000 Loss, Usain Bolt Finally Makes a Public Statement on Jamaican Scam

The situation looks tense for Jamaican ace sprinter Usain Bolt as he tries to recover his lost money. Caught up in a massive money fraud, the Olympic gold medalist has allegedly lost around $12.7 million in investment at Stocks Securities Limited (SSL). With investigations going on, the situation looks “stressful.” Opening up for the first time, the 36-year-old  expressed his shock over the whole matter in a public statement.

Firing his financial manager on the pretext of the whole situation, the retired athlete talks about his struggles. Even though he refrains from calling himself “broke,” he does share his concern about his prospects and family.

Usain Bolt raises concern about looking after his family 

The whole situation has put a “damper” on Bolt. The money, as he remarked, was for his future. Now, with everything gone, the situation looks dim. With many questions to answer, the GOAT could not help but share his concern with the media personnel. Speaking his heart, he remarked, “everybody knows I have three kids. I’m still looking out for my parents, and I still want to live very well.”

In an earlier statement, Bolt’s lawyer revealed that his account dwindled from nearly $12.8 million to some $12,000. As per the set norms, the firm had ten days to return the back. However, the firm failed to return the amount, and as of now, it remains unclear whether or not any charges have been filed. Attorney Linton P. Gordon is yet to issue an official statement on future proceedings.

Speaking with the Jamaica Observer, Gordon said one should anticipate the “expected and the unexpected” in the case. Nothing much is revealed as the case is still in the initial stage. According to Gordon, they have met with the person involved with matters and are planning the future course.

Former SSL CEO’s shocking revelation deepens the mystery

Since the allegations of money fraud came into public purview, the management of SSL has been overtaken by the Financial Services Commission of Jamaica (FSC). As the investigation is underway, the Former SSL CEO Zachary Harding made a shocking statement that further deepened the mystery and speculations.

In a statement to the Jamaican news outlet The Sunday Gleaner, he said, “During my time at SSL, Usain Bolt’s name never came up once in a management meeting as a client of SSL.” Harding added that during his tenure, he never came across the fact that SSL has a client relationship with Bolt.

It was only after the scam broke out that he got know about Bolt’s association with SSL. Allegedly alongside Bolt, there are 30 more people who have been duped. With each day, more facts are coming to the forefront. Needless to say, the whole matter is still under investigation.

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