Serena Williams Discloses One Big Complaint on Alexis Ohanian With an Emotional ‘King’ Richard Confession

The American tennis legend, Serena Williams, opened up about her love for road trips in a recent interview. While talking about it, the 23-time singles Grand Slam champion also reminisced about her road trips during her “younger” days in southern California. Williams further revealed how she used to take a drive to various locations with her dad.

Meanwhile, Serena further said that it is something that she also wants from her husband, Alexis Ohanian. The WTA legend said that she always tries to push the American internet entrepreneur to do road trips with the family.

Serena Williams reminisces about her road trips with her dad

During the interview, the American tennis legend reminisced about her “younger” days in southern California. Serena Williams revealed that her family used to take so many road trips when they were younger. It was their father, Richard Williams, who took them to various places to witness different cultures. They drove to Florida from California and other locations, including the Grand Canyon.

However, those road trips are something that the WTA legend is now missing after her marriage. Notably, Williams wants her husband, Alexis Ohanian, to take their family on various road trips. She said, “I’m always trying to push my husband to be like, let’s do road trips. It has so many great memories tied to it.”

Williams revealed that once they also drove to Mexico as they lived in southern California then. The 23-time singles Grand Slam champion further said that those road trips have often been something that she associates good memories with. Williams further said that it was so much family time when they were on their road adventures.

Williams talked about her preferences when it comes to her perfect ride

In the same interview, Williams also opened up about her preferences and her favorite ride. The American tennis legend regards her signature Lincoln Navigator as her perfect ride. Williams wants her “perfect ride” to make a stark statement with its looks. Notably, she said that her preferences are “vegan leathers” and “strong, bold colors” for her ride.

Williams went on to say that she likes black and wants to see some pink stitching through it. She further made a surprising revelation about naming and giving genders to all of her vehicles. Williams also revealed the name of her first Navigator, Ginger. Her preference has always been a full-size SUV. Notably, Williams said, “The Navigator is definitely Serena, very Serena.”

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