A man, whom I thought would protect me ended my career in Shell during my NYSC- Seyi Makinde

According to a news that was published by The Nigerian Tribune Newspaper Online this morning, it was reported that the Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde, during an interview that was conducted for him to mark his birthday, has revealed how he chose the department of a Yoruba man at Shell Nigeria, when he wanted to serve but, the same man later stood against his career in the company.

He said, “A Yoruba man, whom I thought would protect me ended my career in Shell during my NYSC.”



While explaining this during the interview, he said when he was to go for NYSC, he was taken to Rivers State and as an engineer, you would definitely end up in the Oil and Gas Industry. So, he was posted to Shell Nigeria.

He said, “Along the line, after our test, we were to go and have lunch, and on our way going, I was looking at the offices and the names on the doors and suddenly, I saw Tony Oyegunle, Head of Instrument Engineering Unit. So, when we were to be posted, I told the man who wanted to do the posting to post me to that department, thinking I would be working under a Yoruba man and I was posted there.”

He said later on, Shell Nigeria was to recruit some of them on a permanent basis as staff and they did an interview, as eight of them got shortlisted as candidates who passed the exam but, seven of them received their appointment letters and he (Seyi Makinde), was the only one who did not receive a letter.

He said, “I went to the recruitment unit to make enquiries and they told me that the same Yoruba man that I thought would protect my interest said he did not want me back in that unit. So, that was what led to the end of my career in Shell. But it also pushed me to where I decided I was going to form a company and take a different path in life.”

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