I Have A 13 Year Old Daughter That Could’ve Read That Tinubu Speech Better Than He Did – Usman Yusuf

Political analyst Professor Usman Yusuf shared his thoughts on an interview with Tinubu at Chatham House Media during a recent Arise TV appearance. When asked if he was impressed by Tinubu’s speech, the professor reportedly replied that he was not and that his 13-year-old daughter could have been able to read Tinubu’s speech more accurately than Tinubu himself. In his own words, as seen on Arise TV.



I didn’t like it because anyone can read the speech, including Tinubu. it’s nothing. My 13-year-old daughter was able to read this speech more fluently than he did. Her main goal was not to read speeches, but to expose herself to people’s questions and engage them in conversation. As for the idea of ​​delegating issues to his team, who on his staff are we not aware of? Is El Rufai a new name for us? Or is it Gbajabiamila we don’t know about? But why try it openly? Will they assume the presidency? The world wanted to hear Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu and no one else.

Watch video here


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