9 Secrets Behind Michael Jackson’s Costumes Exposed

Michael Jackson was a demanding dresser, and he needed to stick out. That is the reason his costumes had a lot of details that made everybody wonder why they were there and what they implied.

For instance, pretty much every coat Michael Jackson wore had an armband on the right sleeve, and a portion of his coats additionally had “777” sewn onto them.

These are the insider facts behind his costumes.


1. Why he wore fewer costumes toward the finale of his shows.


Michael Jackson’s dance schedules were physically exhausting, and he gave his everything during his events.

By the finale of the show, he would frequently lose up to 5 lbs, and his midsection would become one-inch thinner. What’s more, since it was significant that his clothes fit consummately, so he could show off his dance moves, each next costume was somewhat thinner than the past one.


2. How his lean shoes functioned. 

Michael Jackson’s shoes that helped him challenge the laws of gravity had a V-shaped clasp at the base of the heels.

With its assistance, he could hook into a nail connected to the floor and play out his popular 45-degree forward tilt. However, to have the option to do that and to keep his entire body straight, an extraordinary amount of core and leg quality was additionally required.


3. Why he just wore one glove. 

Michael had vitiligo, a skin condition where patches of your skin lose color. It began his hand and he needed to cover it up. What’s more, he figured it would look too conventional to even think about wearing 2 gloves, so he would just wear one.


4. Why pretty much every coat had an armband on the right sleeve. 

Michel Jackson simply needed his clothes to be not quite the same as everybody else’s.

Furthermore, having an armband on a sleeve makes you look discernable. Michael likewise preferred to make his fans wonder why that armband was there.


5. Why there are 3 No. 7s sewn onto his coats. 

Michael was the seventh child in his family. Likewise, he was conceived in 1958, and in the event that you add 19 to 58, it is equal to 77.


6. Why he never polished his shoes. 

Once, his managers were worried about the state of his shoes and asked his outfit planner to polish them.

He did it, yet it drove Michael incredibly crazy. He clarified that the leather was worn off precisely as he required it to be and that polishing would make it excessively dangerous for him to play out his dance moves.


7. Why he wore white socks. 

Michael cherished wearing white socks for a few reasons. Nobody else wore white socks with dark shoes.

Moreover, they would get the light and stand out to the activities of his feet when he was dancing.


8. Why he taped his fingers. 

Hand developments were a significant part of Michael Jackson’s dance schedules. So he and his outfit architects chose to fold white tape over his fingers so as to pull in more light.

Michael likewise concluded it would be more abnormal to just tape his ring, index, as well as pinkie fingers. It was additionally fun for him since fans would ask why just 3 of his fingers were taped.

When Michael danced, he would unwittingly put his 2 untaped fingers together.

Furthermore, that would likewise add obscurity to his exhibitions since the fans would think this sign had a mystery meaning.


9. What the letters CTE on his coats represent. 

These letters don’t represent anything. During the 90s, Michael’s ensemble planners made a couple of new shirts for him. He loved them, however, he needed to include a few letters the epaulets.

He said it didn’t make a difference which ones, so his outfit fashioners put the entirety of the letters of the alphabet into a cap, and took 3 of them out aimlessly. That is the place the letters “CTE” originated from.

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