“Flirty” Serena Williams & Lewis Hamilton Triggered Major Dating Rumors

Halloween is just around the corner and the world is gearing up for all things spooky. But Halloween is more than just cosplaying and watching horror movies. It is said to be a day when ghosts can visit our world; when the dead invade the living. So, in that spirit, how about we look back on one of our ghosts? The ghost of a past memory, from another Halloween 6 years ago. In 2016, Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams shocked everyone with their paired appearance at a Halloween party holding each other’s hands.

Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams have one of the most wholesome inter-sport friendships. They have been publicly supportive of each other numerous times. They have also tried their hand at bidding for a football team together.

However, before the two confirmed that they are friends and Serena Williams married Alexis Ohanian, there were intense rumors of the two dating.

It was right around the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton had just won his 51st Grand Prix at the Mexican GP. And he was seen holding hands with an equally ecstatic Serena Williams as they made their way away from the crowds.

Not more than 24 hours later, the two were spotted at Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party together. Williams donned an ’80s-style workout outfit, while Hamilton was unrecognizable dressed as the Joker from Batman.

“They were super flirty,” reported an insider at the party who had seen them together. “They didn’t leave each other’s side the whole night.”

Whether they were actually romantically involved at the time is mere speculation now. However, what cannot be denied is the intense admiration the two legends hold for each other.

Serena Williams visited Austin to support Lewis Hamilton

There have been numerous instances in the past of the F1 legend gushing about his tennis idol. Be it at her retirement or when she got featured in TIME magazine.

But recently, it was Serena Williams who showed support to the Mercedes driver, as she was spotted at the US Grand Prix.

Williams was accompanied by British-born American fencer and two-time Olympian, Miles Chamley-Watson.

Miles later posted on Instagram about the interaction, writing, “So so proud of my brother @lewishamilton. You’re a different breed bruv. You drove amazing. Had the best time this weekend. Austin your (sic) an amazing city, see you next year.”

Lewis Hamilton indeed had one of the best times of this season at Austin. Giving a strong reminder to Max Verstappen why he is the seven-time world champion, Hamilton raced the Red Bull driver almost till the very end, securing P2.

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