Lady Without Hands Using Mouth To Feed Her Baby – This Video Got Me Emotional

A pretty nursing mother has earned online admiration after using her mouth to feed her baby.

In a viral video sighted on TikTok, the mum was seen scooping food nicely and giving to the baby.

The woman identified as @miminefanmvanyan2is disabled in her hands as it appears she is an amputee.

She did not allowed that to stop her from feeding the child. She used her lips to hold the spoon tightly.

Her method of scooping food and directing it towards the baby’s mouth has touched many hearts.

Watch the video below:


TikTok users praise disabled nursing mum for feeding baby

TikTokers are impressed by how nicely the woman cared for her baby. They took to the comment section to shower her with encomiums.

@alekakol235 said:

“May God bless you and leave for you.”

Anna Sterling commented:

“What a beautiful blessing mother. That’s why I hate to see men mistreat a queen because cause they are beautiful and awesome powerful.”

@reginamutisya616 said:

“Congratulations to all mother’s in the world.”

@aprilgreen1993 commented:

“Mother’s always know how to care for babies. Mother’s love. Thanks to all mothers.”

@user7506767321435 said:

“I hope she feeds you when she is grown.”

@Ruvarashe Kwamwede said:

“You are the best mom ever.”

@tabbylawrence said:

“God bless you so much.”

@ashjay64 reacted:

“Great love to all mama.”

@UkemeObong Peter said:

“God bless all good mothers.”

@marlonburke213 said:

“Your doing a great job.”

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