Queen Elizabeth’s Handbag Was Not For Fashion. See The Reason Why She Was Always Carrying It

We’re all well aware that women carry purses for the express aim of adornment or to enhance the overall aesthetic of an outfit.

However, with Queen Elizabeth, it’s not quite like that. When she chooses to go out and about with one of these gorgeously hued handbags, she does it with a purpose. And she also utilizes it to have conversations with her staff. Depending on the code she’s trying to send to her palace helpers or the royal family, she’ll wear it in a number of different ways.

When she’s tired and wants to go home to rest, for instance, she might swap from carrying the handbag in her right hand to her left when she walks through the reception hall. The reason for this is because if she switches it from her right hand to her left, it means she wants to go home and relax. The queen’s attendance at the meeting is abruptly terminated by the servants, who then take swift action to return her to her palace after the business of the meeting is finished.


If, during a conversation, she slams her purse to the ground, it’s a sign that she’s emotionally spent or tired of the subject and wants it to finish. If she dumps her purse on the floor while she’s at the table, it’s an indication that she’s bored with supper and wants to be done in the next five minutes.

It’s become something of a habit for her, and you may be mystified as to why she prefers to use her handbags as a form of communication rather than actual words. But when you’re born into a royal family, that’s just how things work.

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