Checkout The Reasons Why Bella And Sheggz Were Issued Two Strikes By Big Brother

Two Big Brother Naija Level Up Housemates, Bella and Sheggz have been issued two strikes by Big Brother while he was addressing the house on Sunday.

While addressing the house, Big Brother played a couple of video clips for the housemates to review. One of the clips shows the altercation that erupted between Sheggz, Bella and Rachael a few days ago.

It would be recall that a fight erupted between the three housemates a couple of days ago after Rachael served chicken to all housemates but she served beef to those who assisted her.

Bella complained to Rachael that she doesn’t eat chicken. She appealed to her to change the chicken to beef. Rachael obliged to her request and gave her beef.

Sheggz was however not satisfied with what he was served. He started complaining as he said to Rachael that he doesn’t like her and he wants her to know that. The issue escalated as Rachael clapped back at him.

In a bid to defend Sheggz, Bella got herself embroiled in the drama between Rachael and Sheggz. She angrily went to the kitchen to bring the plate of food she was served by Rachael and pushed it to her face.

The food fell and spilled on the floor. This infuriated most of the housemates as they called out Bella for wasting the food they all worked hard for. She was however unapologetic about what she did.

Bella’s punishment

After playing the video clip for the housemates to review, Big Brother said Bella had violated a house rule bordering on provocation. He explained that she provoked Rachael the moment she took the food to her face. As a result of her action, Big Brother issued her a strike for provocation.

Sheggz’s punishment

Big Brother further played a series of video clips to show the housemates how Sheggz handled his role as Tail of House with levity even after receiving several warnings from Big Brother. As a result of this, Big Brother issued Sheggz a strike.

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