How my bestie I helped get a job told my fiancé I’ve done 14 abortions – Lady tearfully spills

A heartbroken lady has recounted how her best friend betrayed her trust, ruining her relationship with fiancé.

According to the disconsolate narrator, she comes from a wealthy family and had lived a licentious, reckless lifestyle and had ended up having 14 abortions.

She revealed that she had a childhood friend whom she helped get a job at a company, via her dad’s connection, after they both finished their universitystudies.

Since they were close she had confided her secrets to her friend who advised her to let her fiancé known about the abortions, but the lady had declined flat out, saying that it’s all in her past now.

Sometime later, her fiancé began acting awkwardly around her, giving evasive replies when she inquired.

The fiancé then requested that they meet. When they did he asked her about the abortions; she denied, saying she hadn’t been counting and doesn’t know the exact number, only for the fiancé to play the audio message she had sent to her bestie.

Read her full narration below:

“I’m crying as I’m typing this. Let me tell you my background. I came from a wealthy family. My parents are wealthy but they divorced. My dad remarried. Nobody get my time. I started living a reckless life. Having s3x for fun and I ended up having 14 abortions. I’m engaged to be married to a medical doctor. I’ve stopped my bad lifestyle. There’s this childhood of mine. We grew up together. She taught me how to cook and be homely. She made me a better person. We Attended the same school. After our service, immediately got employed with my daddy’s connection. I begged my dad and they employed my bestie too. So we’re both working in a leading telecoms company with fat salaries. We don’t hide anything from each other. She advised me to tell my fiancé about the 14 abortions and I told her it’s not necessary since it’s now my past. My best friend was actually the one that planned the surprised proposal. Our wedding is scheduled on October and all of a sudden, my fiancé started acting weird, acting busy and getting unnecessarily angry. I went to see him and I asked what is going on. He said he wanted space. That he doesn’t think the wedding is going to hold. I got angry and I left. I told my bestie about it and she begged me to give him time. That he will come around. I kept calling him and finally he came 2days ago and asked how many abortions have I done. I was shocked and I denied it. I told him I wasn’t counting but it can’t be more than 5. Only for my boyfriend to play an audio of my discussion with my bestie. My bestie whom I loved all my life went and told my fiancé that I’ve done 14 abortions. I’m so sad. I’ve been crying. I don’t even have appetite to eat. My fiancé said talking from medical perspective, my womb is weak and can’t carry baby. My bestie even called me to ask if all is well since she didn’t see me at the office. I just smiled and told her yes. Nurse chi, I’m broken. I don’t even know how to move forward. How do I win my fiancé back. How do I pay d gal I think is my bestie back?”

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