Modella, Daniella, Bryann Fights Amaka Dirty, Calls Her Out For Fighting For Highlights

After the Saturday night party, housemates in one of the rooms discussed who they thought should win the competition instead of themselves. The conversation moved from topic to topic, having Doyin and Bella as the anchors of the conversation.

When Amaka entered the conversation, the drama began. Amaka revealed that some housemates start fights with others just to be in the news, sounding older and wiser in the process.

Modella bbn

Modella attacked her, claiming that because she frequently gets into fights with her housemates for unimportant reasons, she is the one who people think is doing it. Modella called the altercation she had with Amaka prior to the party on Saturday night of week four unnecessary.

Amaka bbn

Daniella cited her fight with Amaka over Bailey as an example of an unnecessary fight. At this point, Amaka continued to defend herself and explain why she reacted the way she did.

However, it was perceived that no matter how hard Amaka tried to explain herself, Bella and everyone kept questioning her, and Amaka was simply put in a position to defend herself.

Bryann broached the subject of emotional intelligence while Amaka had been defending herself for hours.

Bryann responded by saying Amaka should learn about emotional intelligence. Amaka stated that she does not have it, as Bryann implied, and asked if she could get one from the market.

When Amaka perceived Bryann’s point of view as personal, the debate became heated.


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