I cannot hide my feelings anymore, I actually like Sheggz. – Bella reveals

Earlier, camera captured Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate, Bella telling Doyin about her feelings for Sheggz. Bella revealed that she truly likes Sheggz and is willing to be in a relationship with him. She added that she does not care about what people think because she is tired of hiding her feelings.


@Bella said in parts,“I can’t hide my feelings anymore. I actually like this guy (Sheggz). I don’t care about what anyone is saying.

Doyin did not advise her otherwise.The affair between Bella and Sheggz seems to be one of the most talked about relationships by fans.

The duo has been nicknamed “power couple” by fans due to their closeness to each other. Oftentimes, they have been captured on camera sharing a bed, kissing, and also eating from the same plate of food. The video attracted numerous reactions from fans after it surfaced online.

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