“Can You Kiss Me” – Eloswag Asked Chomzy In The HOH Room

On Monday, Big Brother organized a Head of House (HOH) game and for the first time since this show started, a female won the Head of House challenge and she was instructed by Big Brother to choose a male housemate as her companion because she will be staying in a different room from other of her colleagues.

Chomzy won the HOH challenge and she chose Eloswag as her companion and since on Monday, Eloswag and Chomzy have been sleeping in the same room and on the same bed. Eloswag likes Chomzy and he has decleared his love to her, but he’s waiting for her to agree his proposal.



Today, they both had a conversation together in the HOH room and Eloswag asked Chomzy if she can kiss him. Chomzy was shocked at his question and she replied him asking him why he wants her to kiss him. Chomzy couldn’t kiss him but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like him.

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