She claimed that when her husband awoke one morning, he began acting strangely. Later, he made a marriage proposal to the landlady and forced her out of their home.

The 39-year-old woman revealed that after 16 years of marriage and four children, her husband had sent her back to her parents.

“I never thought this would happen to me it is a surprise” she said.

“After he got a permanent job he showed me his true colors. I never thought that a man can change because of a job. He could have done something bad to me instead of marrying someone over me”, the lady lamented.

Meanwhile, cyber citizens are outraged after seeing a viral video of a hugely pregnant woman busily smoking by the roadside.

The hugely pregnant woman could be seen in the viral video smoking on a cigarette.

Bystanders who were recording her could be heard criticizing her for smoking and expressing concern for the welfare of her pregnant kid.

However, the pregnant woman was criticized for putting her unborn child’s life in jeopardy after the video went viral online.

A male voice is heard saying in Yoruba, “See how she’s smoking non-stop, and she didn’t even consider the baby inside her womb.”

Watch the video below;