Lady Reveals How She Got Pregnant After Visiting Her Friend Who Begged Her to Teach Him Cooking

A Nigerian lady has sparked humorous responses from internet users by recounting how she became pregnant after visiting a man’s house to teach her how to cook.

The lady, known as @vee_glam_stitches on TikTok, posted a video documenting her pregnancy journey and explained that the father of her child had invited her over to teach him how to cook, which unexpectedly led to her becoming pregnant.

Alongside the video, she shared a collage of photos, including one of her newborn baby.

The caption of the video humorously stated: “POV: ‘He invited me to teach him how to cook.’”


reacting to the post…

CaEbAY noted: “ Guys that ask girl to teach them how to cook already know how to Cook”

Caleb Uncovered wrote: “Na person wey don get house Dey do this kind thing”

Chimezie Emmanuel stated: “No be wetin happen. she went there to be his baby mama, not to cook him… wetin she don plan for long, she even tell me say nah her plan be that.”

Rich Chris said: “as chef dammy wen u be now”

Dark Scribblers wrote: “She cooked for him and he cooked him”

Bilal_utd said: “She went to teach him how to cook and after learning the guy decided to use her as practical and cooked her”

Flowz Pam wrote: “The guy ate her food well”

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