These two housemates are Kess and Pharmsavi. They were evicted after they were up for eviction along with Groovy, Modella, Amaka, Daniella, and Chizzy.

After the eviction, the votes received by the bottom three – Amaka, Kess, and Pharmsavi were made known to the public, and from the chart, Amaka had 22.89% of the votes, Pharmsavi has 17.95% while Kess had 11.10% of the votes.

Check the chart below;


Some reactions from viewers are;

thejolah – I’m not standing anyone this season but I voted for Dani because my teammates from previous season begged me to vote, there are a lot of people who voted for her that don’t necessarily Stan her. Especially people who’s fav are level 1

its.giftie – So Daniella has more fans than Amaka??? Omo this year’s bbn is so unpredictable

the_akoredebello_ – Daniella is underrated! I saw this coming!

zeeeknow – Not surprised, I voted for Daniella

mzjokzy – Way to go Daniella👏👏👏

the_akoredebello_ – Let’s say Groovy topped the chart

i_gzelle – Wow o wowwwww……😂😂😂😂 With all the noise Amazons were making. Daniella….I’m proud of you even though you didn’t top the polls. 👏👏👏

enna__ameh – So Daniella Na Underdog?! This is Crazy unbelievable!!!!

esther__benson40 – Omo ehhh this set is highly competitive oooo