Photos: Check Out Rihanna’s Body Transformation Since She Put To Bed 

It’s been three months since Rihanna welcomed a baby boy on the 13th of May 2022 and she’s not been active on social media since she put to bed, her last post was on the 10th of May.

(Rihanna and her baby)

Her scarcity on social media makes it difficult for fans to know how she’s faring since she put to bed. Thanks to random photoshoots from associates, fans can now get a glimpse of Rihanna’s current looks since she put to bed.

Some of the photos were taken when she went on a date night with her boyfriend and father of her child, ASAP Rocky, the photos have also sparked massive reactions after they were shared on Facebook.

See photos below

Photo credit: Rihanna Navy

Taking a throwback of Rihanna’s looks before she got pregnant, it could be clear that she’s gained a lot of weight since she put to bed.

However, as a nursing mum, it’s understandable why Rihanna has not been active on social media, it could also be a personal decision made by her.

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