White kid cries as Yahoo boy punishes him via video call for failing to steal his dad’s credit card (Watch video)

An internet fraudster has been captured in a video subjecting an Oyibo kid to a punishment for failing to do as instructed.

He was speaking to the white kid via video call and asked him to pick pin for being unable to steal from his father.

Apparently the boy fell into a trap set by the scammer who posed as white girl to chat him up on the internet.

He then asked the oyibo boy to send a picture of himself not wearing any clothes and the unsuspecting teenager sent it to him.

Unfortunately, the fraudster decided to use it to blackmail him, threatening to send it to his dad if he does not transfer money.

The boy could not get either cash or card so he was ordered to serve punishment, which he did. He was then told by the Yahoo Boy told him to search his father’s pocket for cash or card.

The aggressive manner he was talking to the boy made him emotional and he started crying, but that did not stop the scammer from insisting that he should go and steal money.

The boy apologised and said he would never do such again, but the scammer started insulting him.

However, the boy said that his father is not around and he went out with the credit card so there’s no way he can get access to his account.

Watch the video below:

comrade_loe; Radarada why you cast work now 😢😢

emmanueltimi3; Omo I don laugh taya 😂😂😂

chiomajecyntha; 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ na everything Dey come online

ayobami__samuel; Black mailing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

macaulayrume; Only Una Dey cast Una sef 😂😂😂😂

adexentgram; Dem no dey sabi Wetin to post online again smh

samuel_heart01; Bro this is unfair

Similarly, an interesting video which went viral recently, showed a suspected internet fraudster aka Yahoo Boy trading insults with a white teenager.

The Yahoo Boy apparently defrauded the white boy but was trying to get another cashout, however, he was unsuccessfully as his scheme was discovered.

During a subsequent call, the oyibo kid began to rain curse words on him and he returned the energy mildly.

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