Uche Ogbodo felt that the stylist’s garments were in poor condition and didn’t meet her standards for style.

Uche Ogbodo took to the photo-sharing platform, Instagram, to share her experience after experiencing the viral ‘What I ordered VS what I got.’

Evidently in pain Uche Ogbodo provided images of the stylist’s finished result as well as the initial ideas.

“I Never Believed In “ WHAT I ORDERED VS WHAT I GOT “ Until now .. this Tailor fuxcked me Up really hard. ut I will pity you n not tag you . Or should I tag the evil Tailor? .

Dress that I had already planned to destroy internet with. Village people e no go better for Unah..Sea Blue was the color of the day ! I ordered material a month ahead ooo, tailor promised not to disappoint then she refused to come until 30 mins to leave for airport.

Only for her to bring me these Rags that I should wear.. No be me you go Destroy with bad fashion evil tailor. Waka! Abi Is it my Fault, maybe as I no use packing gel hair wear am or As I take Stand , make the fitting no good ,” she wrote.